If you are a story teller or a writer
A classy poet or  a bit of a rhymer,

Then in our Alliance you should be,
So don’t hesitate join immediately!

This writers alliance is here for you
To share and portray all that you do
For by doing so with colleague friends here
You will see how you give others cheer!

All  reviews given will help you to grow
By dotting the I’s and crossing T’s so
That you’ll get perfection for others to look
At your wonderful words when put in a book!

So pick up your pens all writers out there
Post your inspired words here to share,
By having reviews and returning one too
You will grow in knowledge and confidence too!
Then when you are ready for book to achieve
Send your manuscript to A.P.F.P. to receive,
Then sit back and wait for the pure delight
Of having a book with your words in sight!